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Te ORA – Te Ohu Rata o Aotearoa (The Māori Medical Practitioners Association) provides Māori medical leadership to the health sector.

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WAI 2499 – Update 4

And then finally we had a panel including George L and Peter J. George L brings our attention to the Ethical Framework for Resource Allocation in Times of Scarcity (late 2020) and the final framework document Ethics and Equity: Resource Allocation...

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WAI 2499 – UPDATE 3

Elana C today presented the following the first failure is that the public health response has focussed on mainstream, middle class New Zealand and has failed to consider and deliver to the specific needs of Māori. A clear example of this is the way COVID-19...

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WAI 2499 – Update 2

Anei anō ētahi kōrero The testimony to the Waitangi Tribunal would lead one to think that the Government was obsessed with NOT listening to Māori advice and continually claiming to be doing right by Māori despite the unfolding of evidence to the contrary....

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Corporate Documents

Constitution 2015

Te Ohu Rata o Aotearoa Incorporated - Māori Medical Practitioners Association - Constitution 2015 View Constitution PDF

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Te Poka Pū Webinar 3 – Research In Surgery

Tēnā tātou! Anei tā tātou wānanga ipurangi tuatoru. Ko tōna ngako ko te rangahau hauora Māori. Nau mai, piki mai, kake mai!  7pm, Wednesday, 25th May.Introducing our third Webinar with two of our most esteemed Hauora Māori researchers and clinicians Assoc. Prof....

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Te ORA Webinar – Te Oranga

Register now!! Quick check whānau to remind you to register for the upcoming Te ORA Hui ā-Tau sessions, the in-person hui and the Te ORA Awards Dinner sponsored by MAS. With COVID restrictions easing across the country, this provides us the opportunity to come...

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