Te ORA docs, our board and staff and have worked on this ‘literacy-neutral Māori motif’ messaging around COVID-19.  We all know that messages aimed at the mainstream don’t get through to everyone and that, although you and I have heard something 100 times, someone somewhere is hearing it for the first time.

Te Ngākau Ora – Support and Care

A reminder to our membership that during the current pandemic Level 4 lockdown, that you can access support through our Te Ngākau Ora collegial support programme.

Te ORA has private and confidential access to Senior Practitioners who can provide many different levels of support, and access to other services depending on your need.  

To access support please click here>>


When someone dies – what we need to do first and foremost Immediately contact your local Police and inform them of the death. You may wish to speak with the Police Iwi Liaison Officer, which your local Police should be able to facilitate easily. Appoint a whānau...

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COVID-19 – Important information form MoH

As of today, New Zealand has eight confirmed cases of COVID-19. One of the eight cases was diagnosed in Australia.The global situation regarding COVID-19 is developing rapidly. With continued vigilance the chance of wide spread community outbreak is expected to remain...

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Nau mai, haere mai ki te whānau o Te ORA

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