2018-19 New Zealand Harkness Fellowship in Health Care Policy and Practice

The Commonwealth Fund is pleased to invite nominations for the 2018-19 New Zealand Harkness Fellowship in Health Care Policy and Practice. Established in 1925, the Harkness Fellowships were modeled after the Rhodes Scholarships and aim to produce the next generation of health policy leaders in participating countries.

While all interested applicants are welcome to apply, we encourage nominations and appreciate your taking the time to identify potential applicants for this prestigious Fellowship program.

Please complete and email the nomination information below to ro@cmwf.org as soon as possible, and application materials will be emailed directly to your nominee.

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About the Fellowship

The Commonwealth Fund invites promising mid-career professionals—government policymakers, academic researchers, clinical leaders, hospital and insurance managers, and journalists—from Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom—to apply for a unique opportunity to spend up to 12 months in the United States as a Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice.

Fellows are placed with mentors who are leading U.S. experts at organizations such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to study issues relevant to the Fund’s mission to support a high performing health care system─insurance coverage, access, and affordability; health care delivery system reforms (e.g. bundled payments, accountable care organizations, innovative approaches to care for high need/high cost patients and vulnerable populations); cost containment; and other critical issues on the health policy agenda in both the U.S. and their home countries. A peer-reviewed journal article or policy report for Health Ministers and other high-level policy audiences is the anticipated product of the fellowship. Harkness Fellows have published their findings in top-tier journals, including: BMJ, Health Affairs, and New England Journal of Medicine.

The Commonwealth Fund brings together the full class of Fellows throughout the year to participate in a series of high level policy briefings and leadership seminars with U.S. health care leaders. 

The Harkness Fellowship gave me an invaluable and unique professional opportunity. The research component of the fellowship served as a foundation for my ongoing interest in clinical interventions to reduce health inequalities, and in particular health gains for indigenous peoples. It also provided opportunities for continued international collaboration. Placement at Mount Sinai-New York University Medical Centre provided an in-depth understanding of the U.S. health care system, the policy challenges it faces, as well as unrivalled access to health care experts not just in New York but across the U.S. The year away also afforded a rare opportunity to take time out to think about the future direction of healthcare in general, as well as that of my own career.

Dr. Dale Bramley (2003-04 Fellow), Chief Executive Officer, Waitemata District Health Board

Each fellowship provides up to U.S. $130,000 in support, which covers roundtrip airfare to the U.S., living allowance, project-related travel, travel to fellowship seminars, health insurance, and U.S. federal and state taxes. A family supplement (i.e. $60,000 for partner and two children up to age 18) is also provided to cover airfare, living allowance, and health insurance.

The deadline for receipt of applications from New Zealand is September 5, 2017.

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For further details contact Robin Osborn, Director of the Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice at ro@cmwf.org with any additional questions about eligibility, the project, or the application process.

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