Te ORA is a unique organisation representing Māori medical students and doctors working as clinicians, researchers and teachers.  Te ORA represents the majority of the Māori medical workforce.  Te ORA’s vision is to provide Māori medical leadership to the health sector to effect Maori health development. Te ORA’s mission is to enable key strategies including:

  • increasing the Māori medical workforce towards population parity
  • improving access of Māori to medical and health education, research and knowledge
  • influencing the agenda for Māori health development
  • developing and engaging with clinical leaders to support long term responsiveness to Māori health

Te ORA has formalised relationships with key health organisations, participates in key health committees, provides secretariat support to projects, sponsors summer studentships and provides Māori clinical advice and leadership across the broader New Zealand health sector.

Medical Education

promote the recruitment and retention of Māori medical students provide advice on strategies for increasing Māori entry into all levels of medical education and the development of an expanded Māori medical workforce provide guidance on the curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education assist members to obtain the skills and competencies that will enable them to actively participate in Māori society.

Te Reo and Tikanga Training

Te ORA has established funding to support members to undertake Te Reo Māori (Māori language) and tikanga (Māori customs) training. These were identified as key skills required to be an effective Māori doctor in the report commissioned by Te ORA, 'Kokiritia: An analysis of Māori doctors' training needs' (Baxter, 2001).

Te Oranga

Te Oranga is the Māori Medical Student's Association, representing students from Year 2 to Year 6. Te Oranga works in collaboration with Te ORA to mentor and support Maōri medical students.


Email: teoranga.exec@gmail.com


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