ACC’s Cost of Treatment Regulations

As you will be aware, this year’s changes to ACC’s Cost of Treatment Regulations include several rates increases that impact on general practice – as part of wider health initiatives. 

We’ve just received notification that Government has given final approval for this year’s new rates. These are unchanged from the prices we provided you in October and now available on our website.

We have contacted as many General Practice providers as possible so they are aware new rates take effect on 1 December. It is important they download the new rates via their PMS and invoice us correctly – as invoices billed at the old rates will be returned.

We have also provided answers to some common questions about processes, particularly around the introduction of the Community Service Card initiative. This is attached for your information.

We would appreciate any efforts to spread the message about the 1 December changes. An article has been attached for your use as appropriate.

How can General Practices get more information?

Queries can be directed to or call Provider Helpline on 0800 222 070.


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