COVID-19 – MoH Update – Social media campaign launched

As part of our communications approach, we have launched a social media campaign targeted at Māori communities online. The campaign was launched Wednesday night with a video featuring Jordan Vaha’akolo (Mai FM and Born to Dance) and Lance Savali (dancer for Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez amongst others). You can watch the video on the Ministry of Health Facebook page here.

This social media campaign includes:

o        a series of humorous videos that deliver serious messages to whānau Māori – the first video released last night is an example of this;

o        and ‘Check ups with Dr Lily Fraser’ – a series of Q&A style videos with Māori influencers and Dr Lily Fraser.

Make sure to follow the Ministry of Health Facebook page to keep up to date with the campaign. Feel free to give our content a like and a share while you’re there.

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