COVID-19 – MoH Update – Vaccinations


As at 3 April, 29.0 percent of Māori aged 65 and over had received the 2020 flu vaccination. The rate for non-Māori / non-Pacific people aged 65 and over is 30.4%. The rate for Māori 65 and over increased from 17 percent to 29 percent over the week to 3 April, with around 6,200 vaccines delivered – this is great news to hear.

Please continue to encourage your at-risk whānau, especially your kaumātua, to get their free influenza vaccinations as soon as possible. Encourage whānau to ring ahead to check when and where their GP/pharmacy/Māori Health Provider are giving vaccines.

Although the influenza vaccination won’t protect against COVID-19, it will help prevent a serious disease that kills hundreds of New Zealanders every winter.

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