Māori Education Trust – 2015 Tertiary Scholarship Round is Open

We are pleased to announce the 2015 tertiary scholarship round is now open.  Scholarships currently available are:


·         Norman Kirk Memorial Scholarship

·         Rose Hellaby Bursaries Scholarship

·         Roy Watling Mitchell Bursaries Scholarship

·         Tī Maru Māori Trust Scholarship.


·         Queen Elizabeth II Postgraduate Fellowship

·         Rose Hellaby Postgraduate Scholarship

·         Roy Watling Mitchell Prestigious Professions Scholarship

·         Tī Maru Māori Trust Prestigious Scholarship.

We would appreciate it if you would promote these within your department/institution. 

With the exception of the Rose Hellaby Postgraduate Scholarship, the above scholarships must be applied for online at www.maorieducation.org.nz  The Rose Hellaby Postgraduate Scholarship application form can be downloaded from the Māori Education Trust website.

NOTE: All applications and supporting documentation must reach the Māori Education Trust by 4.30 pm, Tuesday, 31 Poutū-te-rangi (March) 2015

We anticipate the Tāwera, Rona and Whānui scholarship forms will be available to download from our website Kohi-tātea (January) 2015. 

For all queries students contact us on (04) 586 7971 or email info@maorieducation.org.nz

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