Māori Oral Health Equity Symposium, Wellington, 3-4 October 2019

This Symposium will focus on the oral health issues confronting Aotearoa New Zealand today.  It will go beyond techical aspects of oral health, and by doing so, generate the critical discussion required to design and deliver an oral health system that works, equitably for all New Zealanders, for life. 

​The Symposium will generate solutions to bring about the transformative change needed to achieve:

  • An equitable oral health system
  • Oral health services that are responsive to Māori
  • A culturally competent and representative workforce
  • Greater oral health sector accountability
  • Greater sector and whānau participation.

​NOTE – CPD hours will be available

For More information please click here>>https://www.oralhealthequitysymposium.com/

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