Request for feedback on draft prostate cancer guidance

National clinical guidance is being developed to help primary care and specialist services provide better quality and more consistent care to men with prostate cancer.  The guidance is based on the 2012 recommendations of the Prostate Cancer Taskforce and reflects current best practice.

The Ministry of Health (the Ministry) would like your feedback on the attached draft guidance documents:

·        Prostate Cancer Management and Referral Guidance
·        Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Guidance.

These documents have been developed by the Prostate Cancer Working Group, and its primary care and specialist sub-groups, as part of the Ministry’s Prostate Cancer Awareness and Quality Improvement Programme (more information about the programme and the Prostate Cancer Working Group can be found on the Ministry’s website).

A feedback form is attached to this email for your use. All feedback should be provided electronically to by 5:00 pm on Friday 20 February 2015. 

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