Sir Hugh Kawharu Masters Scholarship for Innovation in Science

Background and terms of the Kawharu Scholarship

Scope and purposes of the Kawharu Fellowship

One of the core objectives of the Sir Hugh Kawharu Foundation is to support emerging Māori leadership, including in the sciences. For further information about the Foundation and its objectives, see

The Sir Hugh Kawharu Masters Scholarship for Innovation in Science (the Scholarship) comprises a grant of $10,000. The purpose of the Scholarship is to support and encourage masters level study by Māori in the sciences. The Scholarship is applicable across a broad range of science disciplines including the physical, mathematical and computational, earth, environment, marine, social, health, biological, biomedical, human, and behavioural sciences.

Criteria for selection

Consistent with the Foundation’s objectives, applicants will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

·         academic excellence and the potential to succeed in the chosen area of study;

·         leadership ability and integrity, including the respect of peers; and

·         potential contribution of the field of science to Māori social and/or economic development.

In addition, the Scholarship is:

·         for full-time enrolment in a one or two year masters degree in a science discipline; and

·         tenable by persons of Māori descent, and applicants need to be able to explain their tribal connections.


Each Scholarship recipient will be required to provide a progress report to the Foundation after completion of the first six months of his or her studies.

Other terms

The Scholarship will be awarded by the trustees of the Sir Hugh Kawharu Foundation and their decision will be final.  The trustees may suspend or terminate a Scholarship if they receive an unsatisfactory report from the relevant academic institution on the recipient’s progress or if the recipient otherwise conducts him or herself in a manner that would bring the Scholarship or the Foundation into disrepute.  The Scholarship may be co-tenured with other grants.  Unless the trustees otherwise agree, the Scholarship will be taken up in the year(s) for which it is granted.  Payment will be made by cheque or direct deposit prior to commencement of the recipient’s studies.


Applications should be made using the form set out below.  The closing date for applications for the 2018 academic year is Friday 15 September 2017

Applications should be typed.  Please follow the instructions on the form carefully.  


Given the large number of applications received, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted regarding the outcome of the shortlisting process.  Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by October 27 2017 in order to make arrangements for a selection interview, expected to be held in early December.

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