Te Ora Hui-ā-Tau & Scientific Conference 2019 – Programme

Hāpaitia te mana! – Recognising the finesse of a Māori Doctor

The 2019 Hui-ā-Tau theme ‘Hāpaitia te mana’ is a celebration. The magnitude of skill, knowledge and determination that exists within our collective is immeasurable. It is time to recognise the finesse of a Māori Doctor.   ‘Hāpaitia’ acknowledges indigenous intelligence, and the inherent mana this brings to health in all dimensions, both nationally and internationally.

‘Hāpaitia’ invites individuals to stop, reflect and celebrate their own efforts. Celebrating our achievements/accomplishments instils inspiration in others, and with inspiration comes succession. ‘Hāpaitia’ encourages leadership in attaining equity,and will demonstrate the skill we have already.

The greatest gift of ‘Hāpaitia te mana’, 2019, will be the  ability to explore one’s own identity. We are uniquely Māori. The toto of our tūpuna has flowed within for many generations, and carries inherent mātauranga. Despite this knowledge, the ability to ‘feel’ Māori can vary immensely. Te ORA Hui-ā-Tau, 2019, reminds you of the safety of whanaungatanga within our own. It will be a space for care, compassion and connection that will reignite your mana and core sense of self.

Let this be the year, we celebrate you.

Attached is the programme for Hui-a-Tau & Scientific Conference for 2019.

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