Te ORA Media Release – Te ORA supports the national immunisation programme

Te ORA supports the national immunisation programme

Te Ohu Rata o Aotearoa (Te ORA) supports the national immunisation programme, and supports a systematic and determined approach to achieve the national health target of 95% immunisation.

Te ORA supports those who challenge the misinformation programme which is actively putting children at risk of preventable diseases.

Dr Nathan Joseph (Kaihautū/Chairperson) says that “Maori doctors support whanau to be informed about the benefits and risks of immunisation.”  Dr Joseph notes concerns that antivaccination groups promoting misinformation about immunisation are putting children and whanau at risk of preventable diseases.    He says “we encourage all whanau to educate themselves on the proven benefits of immunisation”.

Dr Joseph also said that he agrees with Dr Lance O’Sullivan’s statement that “all children in our community deserve to be protected by a best practice decision, and best practice means immunising children”.


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