The importance of equity in vaccination 

By Dr Maia Melbourne-Wilcox (FRNZCGP) and Professor Sue Crengle (FRNZCGP)

Published 21 August 2021

The response of primary care in the coming weeks, will directly influence how severely our health system will be impacted by the current COVID-19 outbreak in Aotearoa. In addition to our usual BAU, we all have a crucial role to play with the vaccination roll out as well. 

The devastating effects of COVID-19 on countries, health systems and populations have been obvious internationally. We have all seen images and heard horror stories from all over the world, since this virus was first identified in December 2019. New Zealand has been relatively spared thus far, but the current COVID-19 outbreak, has the potential to change this since the confirmation that it has been linked to the infamous Delta variant of COVID-19.  

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