The NZ College of Public Health Medicine – Scholarships available for Māori Trainee Interns and RMOs

Come and join us at our 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting

Scholarships available for Māori Trainee Interns and RMOs

The NZ College of Public Health Medicine would like to encourage Māori trainee interns and PGY1& 2 doctors to attend its 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Wellington, 6-8 September. To facilitate attendance, we are offering four scholarships of up to $1000 each.

The theme for the first day of the ASM (Weds 6 Sept) is ‘Cardiovascular disease in New Zealand – ending the epidemic & improving health equity’.  This will include: cardiovascular disease epidemiology; primary prevention; screening and management of risk factors; and improving health equity. The theme for the second day (Thurs 7 Sept) is ‘Improving the quality of our practice’ which includes: improving the quality of public health medicine practice; health care and public health programme evaluation; equity considerations; and quality improvement generally.

More details are available on the NZCPHM website.

The ASM is open to all who are interested in public health or interested in public health medicine as a career. To apply for a Māori scholarship, complete the application form and return via email by 7 July to

 “I was particularly impressed by the quality of the speakers which provoked a lot of interesting discussion. The conference reminded me of the value of treating populations rather than individuals which we learnt at medical school but is quickly forgotten as a house officer. I also got to learn about the various career opportunities that public health physicians have and about their day to day activities”. Recipient of a 2016 NZCPHM Māori ASM Scholarship. 

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