WAI 2499 – UPDATE 3

Elana C today presented the following

  • the first failure is that the public health response has focussed on mainstream, middle class New Zealand and has failed to consider and deliver to the specific needs of Māori. A clear example of this is the way COVID-19 cases and their contacts are tracked and managed.
  • The second failure is that the old elimination strategy that is changing to a context for opening up and therefore at the very time Māori COVID-19 cases are increasing, the public health response is decreasing.
  • The result of these failures is that this current outbreak is now effectively a Māori outbreak.
  • We need to trust Māori Providers and Māori-led solutions first eg Māori Regional Coordination Hub providing face to face contact tracing with welfare needs prioritised for complex cases without phones, homes or trust in health professionals.

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