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Te ORA – Te Ohu Rata o Aotearoa (The Māori Medical Practitioners Association) provides Māori medical leadership to the health sector.

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Te Poka Pū Webinar 3 – Research In Surgery

Tēnā tātou! Anei tā tātou wānanga ipurangi tuatoru. Ko tōna ngako ko te rangahau hauora Māori. Nau mai, piki mai, kake mai!  7pm, Wednesday, 25th May.Introducing our third Webinar with two of our most esteemed Hauora Māori researchers and clinicians Assoc. Prof....

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Formal Letter – Racism in Medical Schools

https://teora.maori.nz/wp-content/uploads/Formal-Letter-Racism-in-Medical-School.pdf 2nd June To whom it may concern, Racism in medical school is longstanding, the pathology of which, remains inherent in the structure and environment of Pākeha institutions. It is a...

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